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January 27, 2012
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Back to You -EQD ATG by RyuuKiba Back to You -EQD ATG by RyuuKiba
MINI STORY TIME! (scroll down if you don't want to read it)

"Back to You"

It hurt, it hurt more than anypony could understand, more than anypony would even imagine.
Rarity lay absent-mindedly on a pile of pillows she had meant to pick up from the ground just moments before. Her attention had been caught by a gem she thought she had lost... the bright red glow of the beautiful stone illuminated her face.
Thunder fell somewhere far away and rain slowly began tapping on the roof of Carousel Boutique while the beautiful mare let herself slip to memories of days past, of the day Spike had given her that Fire Ruby.

It had been three years since last she had seen the little dragon, the day before he ran away to join the war against the Ibex kingdoms; three long years of not knowing what had become of Spike.

Rarity had known of his crush on her for a long time, and dismissed it as just Spike growing out of childhood. Though more than once the dragon had shown he was nearly as mature as her, and that his small body was only due to the slow growth-rate of his species.

Rarity closed her eyes, trying to ease the pain in her heart as she remembered the night before his escape, when he had finally succeeded in expressing his feelings for her. She had rejected him as tactfully as she could... As mature as he were, he was a baby dragon, it would have been scandalous, outrageous… illegal even.
But she knew all too well she had begun to feel a certain attraction to him since his act of selflessness in giving her the Ruby and how he defeated his inner demons to save her and Ponyville from himself. These feelings terrified her, and in her panic she had hurt Spike's feelings.

It was because of her that he left.

And now her longing for his friendship and company, the fear he might be gone forever, and the nights spent awake arranging her thoughts of him had strengthened the side of her feelings for him that crept much deeper than friendship alone... but now... he was not there... The war had ended... but he-

knock, knock, knock

She turned to look at the door with a puzzled expression, had someone knocked at her door? With that ghastly weather outside? Most likely it was important!

Rarity quickly got up and shoved her melancholy into a mental chest.

"Coming~" she called out.

Her magic twisted the doorknob and pulled the door open.
At first, the figure behind it backed off a couple of steps into the rain, making it impossible for Rarity to see who it was. Whoever it was, though, was most likely a stallion, for he had the bulk and height of Big Macintosh!
She stepped outside cautiously, and her eyes adjusted to the dim light outside.

Her eyes widened and a falling sensation invaded her body when finally she managed to see who it was. There, standing on four strong claws, water dripping and cascading down his thick scales and pony-like physical structure was Spike.

She knew it was Spike... even with how very different he looked from the tiny bipedal creature she had known for so long. He had grown, he had survived and thus had grown and now was back home.
Then she noticed the scars, each and every gash that had healed hastily into everlasting mementos of the battles he had fought. An especially nefarious cut had gone straight over his right eye, his eyesight most likely saved by a unicorn's quick magic. Even one of his tough spines was missing its tip.

Rarity's heart froze before feeling the unbearable pain of knowing Spike, little Spike had been mangled and beaten for three years on end! The dragon she had finally fallen for in his absence had come back hurt and bearing the marks of war's torture.

"Hello, Rarity..." he said, his voice now deep and caring.

His words finally pulled the mare out of her shock and she galloped into the rain to him, throwing her forelegs around his broad shoulders.

She wept, wailing and screaming into the base of his neck. All her inability to help him, all the pain of uncertainty, all the suffering of seeing how he had fought and how he had hurt was pouring out of her in tears.

"S-spike!" She screamed into him, holding tighter.

She couldn't manage to say anything else as her heart continued to pour out of her into a cascade of emotion and the final relinquishing of the hurt from three years.

The dragon's neck bent down to press his head against the back of hers, trying to soothe her. His own tears fell silently and calmly as the unicorn shivered and he lifted one of his own forelegs to embrace her.

"I'm so sorry, Rarity..." he whispered.

"N-no... I am!" she answered, unable to fully calm herself. "You lived t-through that horror because of me! Because I c-couldn't-"

"Rarity, it wasn't your fault. I decided to go. I ran away, it was my decision. I hurt all of you."

There was no answer as the unicorn slowly calmed down. Sobs and shivers still coming in short spurts.

Finally she pushed gently on his shoulders with her hooves to look into his eyes, the emerald eyes that now glowed with the wisdom and gentle strength of an adult.
She thought of what to say, on what to do. What was left to say? Insist it was her fault? No... This moment was too precious, too liberating for that... and so she did the only thing she could think of, and pressed her lips to his.

Spike was back... and she was ready to accept the truth, to tell him she loved him.

-The End

Music to close the story with: [link]

Ok! so Day 4 of Equestria Daily's Artist Training Grounds: MOCK WAR event!

"Draw a Pony Going Home"

Well... I made Spike... so... uh... still counts right? Lol
And this is yet another pairing I ship XD lol

Borrowed my own idea of Virtue Spike for this entry! It just made so much sense! (this is actually a single panel for a short 1 page comic which I couldn't finish on time).

MLP:FiM, Spike, and Rarity belong to Hasbro, Developed by :iconfyre-flye:
Ponyville in the background tweaked from :icontrotsworth:'s epic vector
Art and Adult Spike concept by ME!
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Just, wow.. So much emotion..
RyuuKiba Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! ^^ I'm glad I could make something with a good enough quality to express emotion. 
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